by mash em all

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released 16 May 2013



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Track Name: LIII
i stretched across my livingroom floor
and i noticed that the floor is big enough
for the both of us
lets be the royalty of my floor

what else even matters

we split kingdom and we split kisses
i split your hair and you split my lips
but i wont let you think that something that isnt
is like you think it is

what else even matters

and you know im not the only well dressed one
and neither are you
but what is left when the clothes arent
the way my skin and yours sticks together when it touches

what else even matters

tea is nothing but water and leaves
but you insist on loving it
we are nothing but you and me
but we insist on keeping it that way
Track Name: LIV
we’d live in the coldest apartment
moving slowly, hardly moving
but we would stay warm
despite the closed blinds
i’ll wrap you up in me
wouldnt that be neat

and we’d ride our bikes, fore the sun rise
because we got bored of inside mornings
and we got bored of these four white walls
and we got bored of inside mourning

and darling i’ll quit smoking death sticks
even if i never started
and baby i’ll start loving you
even if i never quit

and i promise to string my guitar
so i can play this for you
on the bedside
and i promise to bring my guitar
so i can play this for you
on the seaside

but i hope you appreciate this in the morning
like i appreciate a good kiss in the morning
and i hope you like a kiss when you’re yawning
like i appreciate seeing your smile dawning
Track Name: LXI
writing your name with dandelions
lying down in the grass w the bugs
i’ll tell them all about why i love u
lets hope i dont crush them

writing your name with crayons
lying down on the street w the kids
i’ll tell them all about why i love u
they’ll ask me what love feels like

writing your name in my notebook
lying down on the table
i’ll write all about why i love u
lets hope my hand hurts from holding yours

writing your name in the sand
lying down in the sun’s palm
i’ll make you guess what im writing
atleast the waves wont wash this away

writing your name with my lips
lying down in sheer happiness
i’ll make you smile this way too
its love